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Learn about „The Power of Labels“ and how to decrease their Power

The Power of Labels

Everybody has dreams. Why some make them true soon and easy and others need nearly half a life to reach their dreams? Because of labels! I am sure, I know this from my own experience. When nearly everybody around you repeats “It is impossible”, “You can’t do it”, “Don’t waste your time to pursue illusions” little by little you start to believe him, especially when this is your mother, father, close friend or spouse. It is very hard to fight with almost all of your very close people. But if you want your dreams come true, you must fight for them. I did it and now I am very satisfied.
My book „The Power of Labels“ addresses major situations we experience from infancy to old age, which may distort the way we see ourselves, and label us. It contains personal stories (not only mine), exercises, a few thought experiments and many tips. The book is designed for people who are fed up with the situation they are in, because of the influence of others on their self-esteem.
You can buy „The Power of Labels“ via Amazon, Barnes&Noble, AuthorHouse (my publisher) and from any of others 100 online bookstores…